Our Mission Statement

At Haydon Abbey we put our children first every time. We expect every child to achieve their full potential through providing a challenging, safe and nurturing learning environment where diversity and success are celebrated, mutual respect among adults and children is practised, and where parents and caregivers are seen as valued partners. We provide our children with the foundations for life-long learning which will enable them to enrich the community.

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We are delighted to announce that Haydon Abbey Pre-School is now open.



Haydon Abbeyaims to raise children’s aspirations and prepare them to succeed in the World of Work.

On ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Monday 12th January 2015 children met with 4 guests from the local work community and asked them questions about their experience of work.  The guests had a range of different jobs, including Business Travel co-ordinator, Housing Manager, Company Director of Mozzarellanation and the Team co-ordinator for Lotus Formula one.

The aim was to develop the children’s work awareness, aspirations and speaking and listening skills.

99% of the children agreed or strongly agreed they ‘enjoyed the session’, 99% that they had ‘learned useful things about work’ and 15% that they ‘had a new idea about a job they would like to do’.

Mrs Anderson said:  “The children improved their speaking and listening skills by practising the use of open and closed questions and making sure the questions linked.”

Another said:  “I enjoyed understanding different jobs and how they work.”

The guests enjoyed their visit.  “Thank you for inviting me today. It was a really enjoyable experience and the children are a credit to the school” said Maggie Palumbo, Business Travel Co-ordinator.

Mrs Grecosaid:  “The World of Work activity has helped us to develop the children’s understanding of the huge range of jobs in today’s economy and the skills that will help with their learning.  The best part was the children’s eagerness and interest in the world of work.”



Welcome to Haydon Abbey School. We provide an excellent education enabling all children to achieve their highest standards in a happy, healthy, secure and stimulating environment.  We are a school which has rapidly improved over the past three years in terms of the quality of the children’s education and their learning environment.

We are determined to ensure that all our children are able to achieve and, wherever possible, exceed their potential and be well prepared for their journey into secondary school. We value the whole child and our pastoral support is excellent.   Although the core curriculum is extremely important, through an enriched curriculum we ensure that children are able to explore a range of life experiences.

The school has an ‘open door’ policy and you are always very welcome to come and have a look around and see what we do on a day to day basis.

Mrs Judith Ejdowski

Head Teacher


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    A trip to College Lake.
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    The children are enjoying exploring the lake.
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    Year 5 having fun in the trees at Go Ape.
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    Welcome to Haydon Abbey's garden.
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    Our insect hotel.
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    We won the award for the heaviest potato.
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    KS1 Pirate Wow Day.
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